As part of a specific sanitary regime, we open hotels, slopes, cinemas, theaters and swimming pools. The new rules will apply for two weeks for now. We want to slowly and carefully return to normal, but constantly remind us that the pandemic continues. New patients are brought to hospitals every day, some of them lose the fight against the virus. Therefore, let’s remember about the principles of safety and hygiene. Let us always have our health, but also that of others, first. Graphics with a white inscription “From February 12, new safety rules” on a navy blue background We are introducing new, milder safety rules. We listen to the voices of entrepreneurs, but we are also in constant contact with medics. With the number of beds occupied and ventilators now stable, we want to get back to normal. We do this with great care. The virus is still dangerous – more people with Covid-19 are brought to hospitals every day. We want to avoid a new wave of disease. Excessive loosening of the rules could lead to a large increase in the number of patients again. For some, Covid-19 is a fatal disease. That is why we are opening some facilities, but under a strict sanitary regime. New rules. Still in sanitary regime We are loosening the restrictions, but for now we are introducing milder solutions conditionally – for two weeks. The health and life of Poles are the most important for us. Therefore, it is still very important that we are all bound by safety rules. NEW LABELING – FROM FEBRUARY 12 TO FEBRUARY 26 Conditionally implemented for two weeks The sanitary regime is still in force Hotels – available to everyone while maintaining the sanitary regime (50% of available rooms, meals only served in rooms, at guests’ request. Hotel restaurants – closed). Cinemas, theaters, operas and concert halls reopened – a maximum of 50% of the seats may be occupied during cultural events. Masks are obligatory. Prohibition of consumption. Open pools. WARNING! The water parks will still be closed. Open slopes. Open outdoor fields, courts, etc. – amateur outdoor sport resumed. Gyms still closed. Restaurants – as before – will be able to provide take-out and delivery meals. Safety remains paramount The coronavirus has attacked human health, but also the economy of many countries around the world. We are committed to protecting the lives of Poles. We also remember about entrepreneurs who are in need of support now. We want to go back to pre-pandemic times, but each step must be taken carefully. Therefore, we constantly remind, it is very important that a lot depends on ourselves. The virus is still dangerous. We can try to avoid it by washing our hands regularly, keeping a distance, wearing masks. We also regularly ventilate our apartments in winter. These simple steps make a big difference. The greatest hope for overcoming the pandemic is given by the Covid-19 vaccine. From December 27, 2020, in over 5,000 About 1.5 million vaccinations were carried out at Polish points. Vaccines are first given to people in health centers, those who are most at risk of contracting the disease. We are also vaccinating seniors, and we will start vaccinating teachers next week. We still have to wait a while for the effects of vaccinations, we are still at the beginning of this process. Therefore, now – let’s take care of ourselves and others.