Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Culture Minister Piotr Glinski and Health Minister Lukasz Shumovsky announced the transition to the next phase of unfreezing the economy.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented on Wednesday, 27 May, a timetable for the next phase of lifting restrictions as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. Soon the restrictions in shops and restaurants will disappear, cinemas, theaters will be opened, and weddings will be allowed. It was also decided to wear masks on the streets. Read more further.

What's with the duty to cover your mouth and nose?

From Saturday, May 30, the rules on masks will begin to operate.

"There will be one general rule: in public places, if it is possible to keep a distance of two meters, wearing masks will not be mandatory. If two people are walking side by side, it is still recommended to cover their mouth s and nose (to wear a mask)," the prime minister said at a press conference.

"In shops, offices, cinemas and other rooms, masks will be mandatory," Marewiecki added.

However, you should also be mindful of proper hygiene (especially thorough hand washing) and keep your distance from other people.

There are no more restrictions in shops and restaurants. The head of the government also said that from May 30 there will be no more restrictions on the number of shoppers in stores.

"Such restrictions are no longer applied in gastronomy," he said. As for religious worship, from this Sunday there will be no restrictions for believers in churches and churches, but there is also a rule to cover the mouth and nose and observe a distance of two meters from another believer, Moravetsky said.

Cinemas, theatres and wedding receptions are back

Up to 150 people will be allowed to attend meetings from May 30. "The same applies to covering the nose and mouth or social distance. However, decisions on consent to the meeting will be made on the basis of epidemiological status – from May 30, – he said. Cinemas, theatres, operas and concert halls will be open from June 6. However, specific rules will apply. The audience can be filled up to 50 percent. At shows, performances and concerts you will also need to wear masks.


Cinemas, theaters, opera slots and concert halls will open
on June 6 The audience will be able to fill up to 50% to keep in touch between
people down People in the audience sh
ould wear masks will also be able to organize open-air concerts up to 150 people

Sports halls, playgrounds and entertainment centers

Good news for all sports fans. Mateusz Morawiecki announced during a press conference that from June 6 gyms and fitness clubs, tanning salons and massage parlors will be reopened. However, they will work in a new sanitary mode.

At present, it is not known exactly what the new reality will look like in the gyms. Sanitary recommendations for specific industries will be given after the process of advising entrepreneurs.