Raising the salaries of young people

The innovation applies to young people under the age of 26. What does that mean?

If you work officially in Poland and you are under 26 years old, the state returns taxes from your salary to your bank card AUTOMATICALLY.

Until 2020, it was necessary to make manual declarations and only after a while the money was returned.

Visa-free visa after visa

If you have worked in Poland on a visa and you have a biometric passport, you can stay for up to 90 days without leaving for Ukraine.

It is important: in order to avoid problems and deportation in the worst case, we warn that it will not work officially these 90 days. If you get caught at work, you'll be in trouble.

38 insurance companies

The Consulate confirmed the fact that from the new year it is possible to use the services of as many as 38 insurance companies. So far, only six have left.

Ukrainians can choose: order expensive insurance and cover all accidents abroad or buy cheap. The cost of the visa will be cheaper in this case.

Visa corridor

The visa corridor remains unchanged. But you can block the corridor after a six-month visa. This is done by opening an annual governor's visa.

Employment for Asian citizens

Poland has officially opened access to work in its territory to Central Asian citizens. How this will affect competition in the labor market – we will only guess. But one thing is clear: who arranged Ukrainians illegally to work for 11-12 zlotys, will take Asians on a bet lower. Definitely so.

We all know that at least 30 percent of Ukrainians do not work officially. We'll have to open visas and follow the rules.

In any case, working in Poland with its own innovations and new laws will still attract millions of people. It will become a leader among other European countries in the number of foreign migrant workers.