In Poland, the number of Ukrainians who receive the same wages as Poles is growing. At the same time, employers do not exclude that in the future they will pay them more.

This is evidenced by the results of the Personnel Service study on labor migration in the first half of 2018, reports the Polish edition of Puls Biznesu.

Thus, 24% of Polish employers admitted that they are ready to pay "on hand" workers from Ukraine more than Poles. In the second half of last year, 16% of respondents expressed such readiness. This increase is explained by the difficulties in finding workers on the appropriate qualifications.

"For some time the rewards of Poles and Ukrainians are similar. The moments when workers from Ukraine were paid less were quickly a thing of the past," said Krzysztof Igligot, Chairman of Personnel Service.

He noted that the need for workers from the east is growing, so employers are ready to offer them more attractive conditions: housing, access to the Internet, transfer to the place of work, which also increases real earnings.

The study also showed that according to 89% of Polish workers, Ukrainians do not take away jobs from Poles.

38% of Polish workers are inclined to believe that the influx of Ukrainians hinders wage growth in Poland, and 58% of respondents that Ukrainians have no influence on this indicator.

Also, according to the study, 42% of Polish workers are positive about Ukrainians who work in Poland. Another 44% are neutral. Only 11% of respondents are negative.

Earlier, Polish Gazeta Prawna noted that Ukrainian zarobitchans are the second most affected by the Polish economy. According to the National Bank of Poland, Ukrainians transfer more than 90% of the total volume of transactions abroad.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Social Policy predicts in the coming years the strengthening of migration processes in Ukraine due to the high demand for skilled labor.