Experts believe that this will make life much easier for both workers from abroad and employers themselves.

Proposed changes in the employment of foreigners:

  1. Extend work on the basis of "exploration" to 12 months for 18 months or up to 18 months for 24 months;
  2. Expand the list of countries whose citizens can be employed on the basis of "protection", in particular by adding India and Bangladesh to it;
  3. Extend the period during which the employer must inform the employment service of the start of work by a foreigner on the basis of "exploration";
  4. Repeal the duty of informing the mayor of a change in the nature of the work and position of a foreign worker, if he, after a year of work on the basis of "yawning" moves to another position, but remains to work in the structure of the same enterprise for a full day and on financial terms, no worse than the previous ones;

At the same time, to legalize the employment of a foreigner while waiting for a new work permit, if he after a year of work changes the position but remains to work in the structure of the same enterprise full-time and on financial terms, not worse than the previous ones. Or abolish the rule, which obliges foreign workers to re-pass the procedure of obtaining a work permit, if he after a year of work moves to another position, but remains to work in the structure of the same firm and on the same (or not worse) conditions, Which are listed in the work permit.

    5. To clearly define the responsibilities of employers in the employment of foreigners who are full-time students of Polish universities, taking into account cases of expulsion of foreigners from higher education;
    6. To exempt temporary employment agencies from the need to obtain a new work permit for their client in the event of a change in his employer, if the working conditions of a foreigner do not change

   7. Update the list of professions for which you do not need to receive an opinion from the mayor in case of employment of foreigners.

Proposed changes to legalize the stay of foreigners in Poland:

  1. Cancel the need to reapply for a residence and work permit for foreigners who change jobs;
  2. To create conditions for foreigners who are served on a forgotten card, stamped in the passport directly when the full set of documents is submitted or after the necessary documents are submitted;
  3. Settle the possibility for foreigners to apply for temporary residence and work if they have entered Poland, declaring a different purpose than employment;
  4. To simplify the conditions for granting temporary residence permits to foreigners for the purpose of their business activities;
  5. Thus, to finalize the laws governing the granting of temporary residence and work permits to foreigners so that their text is not in doubt among the governor;
  6. Reduce the period of continuous residence in Poland required for foreigners to obtain permanent residence permits;

Proposed changes to visa issues:

  1. Allow foreigners to apply for type C or D visas to Consular Institutions abroad within a reasonable time;
  2. To oblige the consuls to justify in detail the first decision to refuse a visa to a foreigner;
  3. Introduce a new type of national visa, which will be issued to highly qualified foreigners in order to perform their work in Poland.

Proposed changes to the organization of administrative bodies:

  1. To increase the number of staff in the departments of work with foreigners at the already-in-the-governor's offices is proportional to the number of applications received from foreigners, or to transfer some of the powers from already the governor's offices to the county labor already. In particular, with regard to the issuance of Type A permits to foreigners;
  2. Introduce an electronic application system for a foreigner's work permit and an electronic "exemption" registration system;
  3. Introduce an electronic system of filing documents for foreigners to obtain cards served while maintaining the duty of their personal presence when providing fingerprints;
  4. Introduce uniform requirements in all the governor's offices regarding the list of documents that should be provided to foreigners to obtain work and residence permits;
  5. Connect databases already in the governor's office, labor, border service, police and internal security agencies to limit or eliminate paper correspondence between them;
  6. To facilitate contact with the inspector and access to materials in administrative cases concerning the legalization of the stay and employment of foreigners;
  7. To settle at the legislative level the time frame for the legalization of the stay and employment of foreigners and to determine when the foreigner's passport should be stamped.
  8. Replace the text "access to the labour market" on the map, so that its contents take into account the purpose of the foreigner's stay and the basis for granting him a residence permit;
  9. Simplify and streamline the procedure for confirming the qualifications and professional experience of a foreigner he has gained outside Poland.

Earlier, the Confederation of Polish Employers "Leviathan" appealed to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy of Poland with a proposal to make 4 major changes in the rules of employment of foreigners.