We always proceed from the interests of workers. Justice, honesty and professionalism are what we follow in our work. Over the 3 years of our work, we have employed more than 1000 people, and legalized even more. Our team consists exclusively of professionals with a wealth of knowledge. We never give offense to our employees, provide advisory services, and most importantly, do not expect anything!
Over the years, we have developed a system of employment that did not fail once. Our employers are proven and reliable Polish entrepreneurs. We are the company that breaks the stereotypes about working in Europe.

The main advice that we give to our customers is to work legally. Do not try to fool yourself. The contract acts as a guarantor of your rights. Our managers always weed out people who abuse alcohol and do not comply with the banal rules of decency. We are going to meet those people who are trying to realize themselves. Our legalization department will always help and advise you.

There is no reliable information on our site. We work with leading law firms in Warsaw. And our programmers always monitor not only the stable operation of the site, but also the regular updating of information. And if you have questions, you can always contact our consultant. Ekaterina will answer all your questions. And if you have suggestions for improving the site, you can contact Vitaliy. This is the person who is fanatically in love with work and improves our services while the whole city is sleeping.

We know very well that leaving to work is another problem. Therefore, our legalization experts are ready to choose the simplest and shortest path for you. Denis professionally produces legal documents, and most importantly in the shortest lines.